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Two years ago I had my first daughter and it was during feeding her that I set about creating a comfortable and practical shirt, with an essence of style, that I could wear to breastfeed - Effortlessly breastfeeding in public was my ultimate dream!

It’s hard enough trying to be discreet, let alone looking stylish as a mother, and I didn’t want to make it harder for woman being out and breastfeeding than it already is.  The simple design of Baboo shirts allows you to feed your baby quickly and easily, anywhere you like. I believe the convenience of these shirts lets mother and baby grow in natural harmony.

Baboo shirts are made from Polyester, which is a strong and tactile fabric that replicates Viscose.  Unlike
Cotton, Polyester isn't absorbent and does not need to be ironed much. The fabric is soft on the skin and hangs nicely on the body, draping in a flattering way.  

Baboo shirts can be used in the washing mashing, and any spillages on the shirts are easy to wipe clean, making them perfect for busy parents.

I hope you will love wearing Baboo shirts as much as I do.  A stylish and comfortable choice to feed your baby in the 'breast way'!

Happy feeding!

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